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    • Favorite 17 July 2019
      bobjonkman favorited something by wolfie: @ink_slinger also "blood is thicker than water" is actually short for "The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb" which means that friendship formed in hardship is stronger than family bonds, the exact opposite of the shorthandAnd curiosity killed the cat used to stop people […]
    • Favorite 17 July 2019
      bobjonkman favorited something by inkslinger: "Pull yourself up by your bootstraps" was originally satire because that is, um, impossible. It's now stated without irony."Just a few bad apples," when referring to police, conveniently ignoring the full aphorism ials actually: One bad apple *spoils the bunch.*
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      bobjonkman favorited something by selfcare: Fix something small that gets in your way. Sew on a button, clean a grimy keyboard.
    • New note by bobjonkman 27 June 2019
      Just this once, only for this video and no other, should you #ReadTheComments!
    • bobjonkman repeated a notice by gudenau 27 June 2019
      RT @gudenau @dirb @Loki This is what a real toaster is like.
    • Favorite 27 June 2019
      bobjonkman favorited something by gudenau: @dirb @Loki This is what a real toaster is like.
    • New note by bobjonkman 25 June 2019
      I wish I had seen that article on Switzerland's Housing Co-ops this morning before I did this:
    • bobjonkman repeated a notice by neil 24 June 2019
      RT @neil Despite a lot of interest, there’s only a small amount of co-op housing in the UK. Most non-profit housing is charitable housing associations. Large housebuilders have a hold of the market overall."the Swiss example shows how these non-state and non-capitalist actors can build quality housing at a mass scale, if they’re encouraged — […]
    • New note by bobjonkman 12 June 2019
      Discrimination against atheists goes to BC Human Rights Tribunal: #Atheism /cc: @indi
    • bobjonkman repeated a notice by davehunt 9 June 2019
      RT @davehunt !joke Yesterday, I ate a clock. It was time consuming.

#SysAdminDay Dinner, Friday 26 July 2019

Posted by Bob Jonkman on 8th July 2019

I’ve got to blog more. In person I’ll talk your ear off about coffee, tech, or politics, but try to get me to write just a couple of paragraphs a year, and what you get is this blog. So, here’s this year’s paragraphs:

System Administrator Appreciation Day is Friday, 26 July 2019

SysAdmin logoOn the last Friday of July people around the world appreciate their System Administrators. SysAdmins get chocolate, or cake, or ice cream, and sometimes chocolate cake with ice cream!

But in some localities, people haven’t figured out SysAdmin Appreciation Day yet, so we SysAdmins have to show them how it’s done. And since they didn’t figure it out in 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018, we’ll have to show them again in 2019!

Inviting all SysAdmins, SysAdmin Spouses, Significant Others, Partners, Friends, Family, and even complete strangers!

We’ve been to Abe Erb a few times for SysAdminDay Dinner, but perhaps we’d like to find a new spot? Make your choice, and feel free to leave comments.

Where should we have our SysAdminDay Dinner on Friday, 26 July 2019? Add your own answer if you have a favourite spot!
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