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      For Wikipedia I just create another search entry with keyword "w", so I can just type "w foo" to search Wikipedia...
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      I was at a political event yesterday, where it was mentioned that government provides funding to the important academic curricula like software coding in kindergarten and subsidies for business programs. But I noticed that the event's headline performers weren't coders and business folk, but poets and musicians...
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      Struck a chord: "We assume that humanities faculty Do not concern themselves with Grossly material things Like health and money and the houses they live in Because they get to read books all day, And that’s hardly a job at all!"
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      Done, finally:
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Auto-Type Keywords for KeepassX

Posted by Bob Jonkman on 1st November 2016

KeepassX logo


I use KeePassX to keep track of passwords for web sites, server logins, and encrypted disks. And, at the touch of a keystroke, KeepassX can auto-type login names and passwords to those web sites, servers, and disks.

By default, KeepassX sends the sequence


but if the Username field is blank then KeepassX just sends


or if the Password field is blank then KeepassX only sends


But what other things can KeepassX send? A quick look at the AutoType.cpp source code reveals these additional keystrokes:

  • {tab}
  • {enter}
  • {up}
  • {down}
  • {left}
  • {right}
  • {insert} or {ins}
  • {delete} or {del}
  • {home}
  • {end}
  • {pgup}
  • {pgdown}
  • {backspace} or {bs} or {bksp}
  • {break}
  • {capslock}
  • {esc}
  • {help}
  • {numlock}
  • {ptrsc}
  • {scolllock}
  • {add} or {+}
  • {subtract}
  • {multiply}
  • {divide}
  • {^}
  • {%}
  • {~}
  • {(}
  • {)}
  • {{}
  • {}}
  • {f1}
  • {f2} .. {f16}

KeepassX is written by Felix Geyer and Florian Geyer with reporter Tarquin Winot, and is released under the GNU head logoGNU General Public License.

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