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    • New note by bobjonkman 18 April 2018
      Please do! The whole point of wanting to use #GetTogether is to get away from the proprietary surveillance services. #FeatureRequest: Local Login
    • New note by bobjonkman 18 April 2018
      #GetTogether looks great, but I can't figure out how to sign up -- there's only buttons for #Google, #Facebook, #Twitter and #GitHub, and I'm not about to use those...
    • Favorite 18 April 2018
      bobjonkman favorited something by strypey: New articles are created as blog entries, but each entry can be edited and linked like a wiki page ...
    • Favorite 18 April 2018
      bobjonkman favorited something by strypey: I wonder how hard it would be to combine a blog and wiki into one user-facing tool?
    • Favorite 18 April 2018
      bobjonkman favorited something by shoutcacophony: This plug-in is pretty great, btwBrowser Extension that lets you instantly see book and e-book availability from your local library've had it installed for a bit now -- it drops this tidy widget just above the price of an Amazon book, which shows availability for your library system, including eBooks.
    • New note by bobjonkman 18 April 2018
      Today was a good day for adding interesting people to my !Fediverse subscriptions...
    • Favorite 18 April 2018
      bobjonkman favorited something by alice: "Leave politics out of tech."People build tech. People use tech. You cannot have tech without people. So, yes, people will be bringing politics, rights, and representation into tech with them.The only people I see whining about politics being brought into tech are (checks notes) oh look. White men.
    • Favorite 18 April 2018
      bobjonkman favorited something by gid: I'm refactoring a web app I maintain, and I'm ripping out all the JavaScript, making sure it has full functionality using HTML alone. For the first phase I'm not even using any CSS.It's much more rewarding than I thought it would be. It's forcing me to think about what information […]
    • New note by bobjonkman 18 April 2018
      Ah. Never mind. But it should be possible to do an install using text-to-speech; I've never done it, tho. There are several #blind techs in the !Fediverse who may be able to give advice.
    • New note by bobjonkman 18 April 2018
      Can you plug in an external monitor?

System Administrator Appreciation Day Dinner — 29 July 2016

Posted by Bob Jonkman on 13th July 2016

SysAdmin logo

It’s July again, and System Administrator Appreciation Day is always celebrated on the last Friday in July. Although the SysAdminDay website indicates that SysAdmins are the happy recipients of cake and ice cream, for the last few years SysAdmins in Kitchener-Waterloo have been celebrating SysAdminDay by taking themselves to dinner, along with spouses, friends, and co-workers.

This year we’re teaming up with the Kitchener-Waterloo VoIP Users Group. While KWVoIP meetings are usually scheduled for the fourth Thursday in July, this month we’re combining the KWVoIP meeting with SysAdminDay. There’s an overlap between the KWVoiP members and SysAdmins — VoIP systems need administration too! As a bonus, we’ll get a presentation from Brian Bentley about his roaming experiments in the U.S.

Tony, the Egg Roll King himself, is a versatile host. Not only are the egg rolls and spring rolls the best in KW, there are vegetarian meals available, and ERK has some of the best fried chicken, fish & chips, and poutine in town! Friday nights are busy at the Egg Roll King Restaurant, so leave a comment to let me know you’re coming and I can make a reservation.

Date: Friday, 29 July 2016 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Location: Egg Roll King Restaurant, 85 Courtland Avenue East, Kitchener, Ontario Map
iCalendar: kwvoip-2016-07-29.ics

KWVoIP Topic: Brian Bentley – Roaming Profile Experiments

Brian Bentley has returned from a short trip to the United States. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to present last month, so he’s catching up this month.

In order to stay in touch telephonically, Brian used Roam Mobility for Data services. He tested Fongo (Canadian number) and TextNow (US number) for VoIP services. While in the US he tried to sign up for a Google Voice number. What worked? What was cheapest? Was it worth the bother? Come to dinner to hear Brian’s answers.

Cheese Wontons and Sweet and Sour sauce

Cheese Wontons for dessert!

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