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      bobjonkman favorited something by marcus: Good Morning !tzag. I wish you all a great #weekend. Allow yourself to take some rest, recharge and enjoy you life!
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      RT @fsf Calling all technologists, legal experts, academics, designers, artists, educators, and activists: @creativecommons is holding their Global Summit in Toronto on April 13-15!
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      bobjonkman favorited something by schestowitz: Terrible and empathy-deficient people come from all genders and races. To tackle the issue of policy abuse, brutality and racism focus on hiring based on character and track record, not just diversity* goals __ *A lot of the reformist movement (derogatorily referred to as "SJW")
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      Had to fix two laptops with UEFI and Windows today. Windows wouldn't boot, but my USB stick with Ubuntu was flawless. Unfortunately, I managed to fix the problems, so the client doesn't get to benefit from a new OS.
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      Since when does #Atril Document Viewer allow filling in PDF forms? #HappilySurprised
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      If you get 4x 32 GB USB drives then you will fragment your free space across 4 devices. When each device has less than 1 GByte free space and you need to store one 3 GByte file then you'll be sorry!
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      My mom used to make something called #Hachee (pronounced hah-shay). 5 large onions, cooked in a bit of butter, a pound (500g) stewing beef coated in flour added to it, let brown thoroughly, add two cups of water (500ml) with a few tablespoons of vinegar, a couple of cloves, a bay leaf, a couple of […]
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      Under the shiny, don't Macbooks already run BSD?
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      Ready to live-Dent the @KWLUG presentation with Jim Kelsh demoing a GNU/Linux install, and Charlie Drage @cdrage showing #Kubernetes
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      I haven't found a proper streaming URL yet. Mostly, I listen to CBC when I'm in the car (analogue radio FTW!), but I listen to #aNONradio online (Web), (stream)

System Administrator Appreciation Day Dinner, 31 July 2015

Posted by Bob Jonkman on 14th July 2015

Oh look! Pictures!

And the winner is: Chen’s Buffet! Reservations have been made; see you there on Friday, 31 July 2015 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

Chen’s Buffet Map
50 Weber Street North,
Waterloo, Ontario


System Administrator Appreciation DaySysAdmin logo falls on the last Friday of July every year, and is allegedly celebrated by users gifting their SysAdmins chocolate cake and ice cream. Hands up, those of you who have actually experienced that? Hmmm? I thought so…

Nobody appreciates System Administrators more than other System Administrators, so for the last few years I’ve hosted a Systems Administrator Appreciation Day Dinner in Kitchener-Waterloo. Last year we went to LaiLai’s, and previously we’ve gone to Egg Roll King.

SysAdminDay is on Friday, 31 July 2015, just over two weeks away. Where would you like to go this year? Potential venues must offer vegetarian fare, and be physically accessible. Leave suggestions in the comments or send me e-mail, then next week we can vote. If there’s more than one candidate on the list we’ll rank choices from 3 points (most favoured) to 1 point (least favoured), and I’ll add them up, post the results here, and we’ll all meet for dinner.

SysAdminDay Dinner is open to everyone, whether you’re a System Administrator, a SysAdmin Student, or a former SysAdmin who’s been lured to the dark side. And also their friends, family, and end-users. OK, maybe not the end-users. Unless they’re friends or family.

See you on 31 July!

Proposed Venues

Venue Votes
Star Wok 1.5
Lancaster Smokehouse 1
Chen’s Buffet (Bridgeport Plaza, Weber & Bridgeport) 5.5
A smattering of local sysadmins

A smattering of local sysadmins

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