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    • Favorite 17 March 2018
      bobjonkman favorited something by marcus: Good Morning !tzag. I wish you all a great #weekend. Allow yourself to take some rest, recharge and enjoy you life!
    • bobjonkman repeated a notice by fsf 17 March 2018
      RT @fsf Calling all technologists, legal experts, academics, designers, artists, educators, and activists: @creativecommons is holding their Global Summit in Toronto on April 13-15!
    • Favorite 17 March 2018
      bobjonkman favorited something by schestowitz: Terrible and empathy-deficient people come from all genders and races. To tackle the issue of policy abuse, brutality and racism focus on hiring based on character and track record, not just diversity* goals __ *A lot of the reformist movement (derogatorily referred to as "SJW")
    • New note by bobjonkman 15 March 2018
      Had to fix two laptops with UEFI and Windows today. Windows wouldn't boot, but my USB stick with Ubuntu was flawless. Unfortunately, I managed to fix the problems, so the client doesn't get to benefit from a new OS.
    • New note by bobjonkman 15 March 2018
      Since when does #Atril Document Viewer allow filling in PDF forms? #HappilySurprised
    • New note by bobjonkman 10 March 2018
      If you get 4x 32 GB USB drives then you will fragment your free space across 4 devices. When each device has less than 1 GByte free space and you need to store one 3 GByte file then you'll be sorry!
    • New note by bobjonkman 8 March 2018
      My mom used to make something called #Hachee (pronounced hah-shay). 5 large onions, cooked in a bit of butter, a pound (500g) stewing beef coated in flour added to it, let brown thoroughly, add two cups of water (500ml) with a few tablespoons of vinegar, a couple of cloves, a bay leaf, a couple of […]
    • New note by bobjonkman 7 March 2018
      Under the shiny, don't Macbooks already run BSD?
    • New note by bobjonkman 6 March 2018
      Ready to live-Dent the @KWLUG presentation with Jim Kelsh demoing a GNU/Linux install, and Charlie Drage @cdrage showing #Kubernetes
    • New note by bobjonkman 4 March 2018
      I haven't found a proper streaming URL yet. Mostly, I listen to CBC when I'm in the car (analogue radio FTW!), but I listen to #aNONradio online (Web), (stream)

Pictures of #SysAdminDay Dinner 2017 at @Abe_Erb » Acidulated Malt — #SysAdminDay 2017

Acidulated Malt -- #SysAdminDay 2017

Acidulated Malt at the System Administrator Appreciation Day Dinner at the Abe Erb Restaurant and Brewery on Friday, 28 July 2017

Picture by Laurel L. Russwurm, used under a CC-BYCC BY 4.0 license.

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