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      bobjonkman favorited something by inkslinger: OK, y'all, I think I should go to sleep. And I love that Mastodon still feels enough like a small, intimate community that I sometimes feel the need to tell you I'm signing off so people I'm chatting with don't think I'm ignoring them.
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      bobjonkman favorited something by davehunt: Did you call police, reporting a crime in progress? Hahaha.
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      Have some of @Jezra's:
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      bobjonkman favorited something by krypteia: On behalf of the #privacy community that has long been saying that #SurveillanceCapitalism is fundamentally incompatible with democracy and a graver national security threat than terrorism, I'd like to say: We fucking told you so!#Russian influence campaigns#CambridgeAnalytica#Mercer family / #Bannon culture wars
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      I grew up on Asimov, reading both his fiction, non-fiction and F&SF columns. I'm not sure he'd agree that he was a _brand_
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      Gotta go, cafe is closing. Poor sucker finally has a chance to escape slick dude. #ButProbablyTooLate
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      Oh, #WaitASec, maybe slick dude is the manager of a local store conducting a hiring interview with the poor sucker. #DontTheyHaveOfficesForThat?

Archive for July, 2015

System Administrator Appreciation Day Dinner, 31 July 2015

Posted by Bob Jonkman on 14th July 2015

Oh look! Pictures!

And the winner is: Chen’s Buffet! Reservations have been made; see you there on Friday, 31 July 2015 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

Chen’s Buffet Map
50 Weber Street North,
Waterloo, Ontario


System Administrator Appreciation DaySysAdmin logo falls on the last Friday of July every year, and is allegedly celebrated by users gifting their SysAdmins chocolate cake and ice cream. Hands up, those of you who have actually experienced that? Hmmm? I thought so…

Nobody appreciates System Administrators more than other System Administrators, so for the last few years I’ve hosted a Systems Administrator Appreciation Day Dinner in Kitchener-Waterloo. Last year we went to LaiLai’s, and previously we’ve gone to Egg Roll King.

SysAdminDay is on Friday, 31 July 2015, just over two weeks away. Where would you like to go this year? Potential venues must offer vegetarian fare, and be physically accessible. Leave suggestions in the comments or send me e-mail, then next week we can vote. If there’s more than one candidate on the list we’ll rank choices from 3 points (most favoured) to 1 point (least favoured), and I’ll add them up, post the results here, and we’ll all meet for dinner.

SysAdminDay Dinner is open to everyone, whether you’re a System Administrator, a SysAdmin Student, or a former SysAdmin who’s been lured to the dark side. And also their friends, family, and end-users. OK, maybe not the end-users. Unless they’re friends or family.

See you on 31 July!

Proposed Venues

Venue Votes
Star Wok 1.5
Lancaster Smokehouse 1
Chen’s Buffet (Bridgeport Plaza, Weber & Bridgeport) 5.5
A smattering of local sysadmins

A smattering of local sysadmins

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