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    • New note by bobjonkman 20 November 2017
      And #RemoteHashtag following can be done by selecting the Atom/RSS feed for a tag on the remote server and adding it to "Settings, Mirroring, Feed URL".
    • New note by bobjonkman 20 November 2017
      #Hashtag following is already built into !GNUsocial, just select the "Subscribe" button on
    • New note by bobjonkman 20 November 2017
      Good article! Can you linkify the resources you mention, eg. Tor, Tox, Riot, Briar?
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      bobjonkman favorited something by bob: The Honey Bee Algorithm
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      bobjonkman favorited something by silverwizard: ♲ @Liam O ( If you're a pentester and don't have even a little bit of impostor syndrome, you probably have dunning-kruger syndrome instead
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      This makes a number of excellent illustrations of why the entire PKI system is broken. 1) Browser vendors wield power out of all proportion to their contribution to PKI. The same SSL certs banned by browsers can also be used for e-mail, XMPP, PBXes, &c. 2) A rogue Certficate Authority can poison the entire PKI […]
    • New note by bobjonkman 20 November 2017
      Justification for cloud storage...
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      bobjonkman favorited something by rtsn: Tonight I'm going to stockholm for a key signing party. Really looking forward to it. Building the web of trust! #pgp #crypto
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More GNU/Linux Resources

Posted by Bob Jonkman on May 15th, 2014

Drawing of Tux the Penguin, mascot of the Linux kernel

Tux the Penguin

In addition to the GNU/Linux Resources in Kitchener-Waterloo there are several other places to look online if you need support. Here’s a list of the GNU/Linux Resources I use.

Do you have additions? Do I have errors? Leave a comment or send me e-mail.

GNU/Linux Organizations and User Groups
  Website Mailing List Microblog Internet Relay Chat
KWLUG: Kitchener-Waterloo Linux Users Group KWLUG-disc @KWLUG and !KWLUG in the !Fediverse #KWLUG on
@KWLUG on Twitter
KWLUG Announce
Ubuntu Canada Ubuntu-ca !Ubuntuca in the !Fediverse #ubuntu-ca on
Ubuntu Waterloo Region Ubuntu-Waterloo-Region @UbuntuWaterloo on Twitter #ubuntu-ca-kw on
GNU/Linux Distributions
  Website Mailing List Blog / Microblog Internet Relay Chat Download
Ubuntu Ubuntu Community Mailing Lists @Ubuntu on Twitter #ubuntu on Download Ubuntu Desktop
Official Ubuntu Documentation !Ubuntu in the !Fediverse
Linux Mint   @Linux_Mint on Twitter #linuxmint-chat and #linuxmint-help on Download
The Linux Mint Blog
!Mint in the !Fediverse
Debian About Debian Mailing Lists #debian on Getting Debian
@debian on Twitter
Documentation debian-user
@debian and !debian in the !Fediverse
gNewSense gNewSense-users gNewSense Blog #gnewsense on Download
gNewSense GNU/Linux – News
!gNewSense in the !Fediverse
GNU/Linux Web Forums
  Website Microblog Login/Register
Ubuntu @UbuntuForums on Twitter Login/Register
Canada Team Forum
Ask Ubuntu @AskUbuntu on Twitter Signup
Ubuntu Discourse    
Linux Questions @LinuxQuestions on Twitter Register
Linux Mint Forums @Linux_Mint on Twitter  
openSUSE Forums    
SUSE Forums    
GNU/Linux Magazines
  Website Microblog Subscription
Linux Pro Magazine @linux_pro on Twitter Subscriptions
Linux Voice @LinuxVoice on Twitter Subscriptions
Full Circle Magazine @FullCircleMag on Twitter Back Issues

3 Responses to “More GNU/Linux Resources”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Good list, Bob! I’m going to bookmark this.

  2. Andy Konecny Says:

    On the (Open)SUSE front we also have the Web|NNTP forums at

  3. Bob Jonkman Says:

    Hi Andy! SUSE (and OpenSUSE) forums added.

    I haven’t done much with SUSE recently; I’ve mostly been using Ubuntu and other Debian derivatives.


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