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      The #SysAdmin rule of 80:20 - 80% of the problems are #PEBKAC from people who don't #RTFM, the other 20% of the problem are from people who DID #RTFM and made it worse...
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Archive for April, 2014

Tools to survive with WinXP

Posted by Bob Jonkman on 16th April 2014

WinXP logo

Windows XP

On Wednesday, 16 April 2014 I helped give a presentation to the Bits & Bytes Computer Club, along with Jim Reeves and Brian Bentley.

Microsoft Windows XP finally reached its End Of Life on Tuesday, 8 April 2014. It was a good run, starting in 2001. And, WinXP is still being used by many people who can’t, won’t, or haven’t yet upgraded.

Of course, now that WinXP is EOL there will be no further updates. Any vulnerabilities discovered after 8 April will go unfixed, leaving WinXP computers vulnerable to attack. What can you to do minimize your risk?

First, and most important: If you haven’t already run the Microsoft Update, do so now. Click on Start, All Programs, Microsoft Update.

Screenshot - Microsft Update

Select “Microsoft Upate”

On the Microsoft Update window select Express Update

Screenshot showing Microsoft Update selecting Express Update

Select “Express Update”

After that’s complete you’re on your own. But even if the WinXP operating system will no longer be updated, it’s still good to keep your applications updated. These software utilities will help keep your system up-to-date and tuned-up:

Microsoft Security Essentials
Microsoft logo

Microsoft Security Essentials

  • Anti-virus and Malware checker
  • Will be updated until April 2015

CCleaner logo


  • Cache cleaner
  • Frequently Used Paths and Files cleaner
  • Registry repair
  • Startup application manager
  • Remove Installed Programs

File Hippo Update Checker
Filehippo logo

File Hippo Update Checker

  • Checks for the most recent version of software hosted on File Hippo Free/Gratis software repository
  • Provides download links
  • Manual installation
  • Stays in Notification Area (System Tray)

Secunia Personal Software Inspector
Secunia PSI logo

Secunia Personal Software Inspector

  • Checks for outdated software
  • Checks for known vulnerabilities
  • Provides link to upgrade solution
  • May fix registry errors
  • Stays in Notification Area (System Tray)

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