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    • New note by bobjonkman 22 November 2017
      Good article! From the recent discussion in the !Fediverse, I can't help but think this is just another result of #Capitalism. You're being treated as any other manufacturing resource -- it's most profitable to get the cheapest programmers that the market will allow, not necessarily the most creative programmers, or the most passionate ones.
    • Favorite 22 November 2017
      bobjonkman favorited something by bob: @paulfree14 @andrej @tethre any sufficiently advanced surveillance sate is indistinguishable from malware
    • Favorite 22 November 2017
      bobjonkman favorited something by cocoron: mesh 👏 networks 👏
    • bobjonkman repeated a notice by bob 22 November 2017
      RT @bob Geolocation and Push services. Of course this couldn't be used to locate Signal users at all. Nope. Definitely not. It was totally wise to have a security app depend on Google infrastructure.
    • Favorite 22 November 2017
      bobjonkman favorited something by bob: @gummynerds @dtluna I think Marx's analysis of Capital is a good first approximation of how modern economies work. His account is incomplete, but other details were filled in later. Also I don't believe there is any "non-political class". Nobody can escape from ideology. Everyone operates within a framework of assumptions, […]
    • New note by bobjonkman 22 November 2017
      No, not horses. "Carriage Fees" as in "Fees to Carry your content" #NetNeutrality
    • New note by bobjonkman 22 November 2017
      Worse, your ISP may not deliver Netflix unless Netflix starts paying your ISP carriage fees. #NetNeutrality
    • Favorite 21 November 2017
      bobjonkman favorited something by kitredgrave: We should probably bring back XMPP or make Matrix actually good :p
    • bobjonkman repeated a notice by microsff 21 November 2017
      RT @microsff "I wonder why I don't remember dreams anymore." "Trial period's over." "What?" "Only sleep is free. Dreams are premium." #MicroFiction #tootfic
    • Favorite 21 November 2017
      bobjonkman favorited something by microsff: "I wonder why I don't remember dreams anymore.""Trial period's over.""What?""Only sleep is free. Dreams are premium."#MicroFiction #tootfic

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Simon Phipps on Free, Open and Liberty

Posted by Bob Jonkman on 18th November 2012

This is so simply and beautifully stated:

Simon Phipps:

“Free” is the ethical construct; “Open” is the practical method; “liberty” is the shared objective.


18 November 2012 from web at Southampton, England, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in context

Simon Phipps is President of the Open Source Initiative, blogs at Wild Webmink and writes a column at Infoworld.

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Shutting down ServiceOntario kiosks could be Considered Harmful

Posted by Bob Jonkman on 9th November 2012

Service Ontario kiosk with "Temporarily shut down" notice

ServiceOntario kiosk

The Ontario government has announced it is shutting down the ServiceOntario kiosks.

Closing the kiosks won’t do any good if the web site is no better secured. ServiceOntario had control over the hardware and software running on the kiosks, but they have no control over the computers people use to access the ServiceOntario web site. User PCs will have all sorts of malware running on them, and malusers can far more easily spend time breaking into a web site than a kiosk. Unless ServiceOntario has much better security on their web site, it is far more vulnerable than a kiosk.

In his article Government to discontinue ServiceOntario kiosks, Sameer Vasta asks if the ServiceOntario web site is ready to pick up the slack. His conclusion is yes, and although the web site user experience could be improved, he considers closing the kiosks a prudent move. But if the kiosk interface was so much easier to use, then the web site could use that interface too. Security isn’t created by the user interface — security needs to be built into the servers. Malusers are unlikely to use the web interface to launch their attacks; they’ll have more sophisticated tools to try to break into the servers.

Of course, since the ServiceOntario web site was already in place while the kiosks were operational it has been a potential vector for attack all along. Closing the kiosks doesn’t increase that vulnerability. And the vulnerability that prompted the government to shut down the kiosks was card skimming, which is not an issue on a Web site accessed from home. But shutting down a fully managed kiosk to be replaced by home users’ PCs that are full of malware does not look like a prudent move to me.

However, it should be cheaper to manage security on one web site than on 72 kiosks. The government reports that shutting the kiosks will save taxpayers about $6.3 million in one-time upgrading costs and $2.2 million in annual maintenance costs. The Star reports that Minister of Government Services Harinder Takhar says the kiosks cost $4 million to deploy, and it will cost $250,000 to remove them.

And shutting down the kiosks has one other benefit: If a security breach occurs as a result of using our own computers then ServiceOntario has successfully shifted blame, hasn’t it? Surely there will be a disclaimer in the fine print on the website somewhere!


ServiceOntario kiosk "Permanently Closed" notice

“Permanently Closed” notice Service Ontario kiosk.

The picture above shows a ServiceOntario kiosk with a notice indicating the kiosk is temporarily shut down. A new notice has been posted, which reads:

ServiceOntario Kiosks Are Now Permanently Closed.

After a thorough investigation into the safety and security issues surrounding ServiceOntario kiosks, it has been decided to permanently shut down the network.

All former kiosk services are conveniently available online, including:

  • License plate sticker renewal
  • Address change
  • Driver abstract

Fermeture permanente des kiosques ServiceOntario.

À la suite d’une enquête approfondie sur les problèmes de sécurité survenus dans les kiosques ServiceOntario, il a été décidé de fermer le réseau de façon permanente.

Tous les services anciennement founis dal les kiosques son offerts en ligne, notamment les suivants:

  • Renouvellement de la vignette d’immatriculation
  • Changement d’addresse
  • Résumé de dossier de conducteur.

We look forward to serving you.
For these services, and more than 40 other online services, or for a complete list of our locations and available services, please visit

Au plaisir de vous servir.
Pour ces services, et plus de 40 autres services en ligne, ou la liste complète de nos centres et de leurs services, visitez

Images courtesy of used under a CC BYCreative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada License license.

Thanx to my friend RW for the idea for this post, and her contributions.

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